.22 Barrel Blank, TYPE 1

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This is a short run item, most likely not to be done again.  These are .22 LR barrels, button rifled, 1018 steel, 7/8" x 1" x 2.5" long, chambered with a MATCH reamer so the rounds don't just drop in...they require a bit of a push to insert the cartridge.  This is done primarily for those building our GB-22, which fires from an open bolt so there's nothing holding the cartridge in battery before firing.  They are faced off on the chamber end, saw cut on the muzzle end.  If you just want a generic .22 LR barrel check out our TYPE 2 barrel, which is chambered with a standard reamer. Note that we run the reamer in about .060" deeper than a standard match reamer, and we do this for two reasons: 1) You don't have to push the cartridge in as far.  2) If you're using this for a GB-22 and are going to do the .285" diameter counterbore called out on the drawing, you'll still have a correct chamber depth.  These are available to U.S. customers only and the price includes shipping to the continental U.S.  FL residents must pay sales tax.  Price is for ONE barrel blank.